April 2013

April 8-10

Monday April 8th- 10:00 a.m. closed meeting

Tuesday April 9th- Conducting County business

Wednesday April 10th- Conducting County business

April 15-17

Monday April 15- Conducting County Business

Tuesday April 16- 9 a.m. budget amendment juvenile justice system

Wednesday April 17- Conducting County Business

April 22-24

Monday April 22- 8:30 a.m.  Attending meeting at MO Career Center; 11 a.m. Northeast Regional Planning; 1:30 p.m. Resolution to close Loeffler Store Trail

Tuesday April 23- Conducting County Business

Wednesday April 24- Conducting County Business

April 29- May 1

Monday April 29- conducting county business

Tuesday April 30- conducting county business

Wednesday May 1- 2 p.m. bid opening

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