April 2014

March 31-April 2

Monday- 2 p.m. meeting with Deb Wohlers, SB40; 3:30- Quarterly meeting with the City of Kirksville

Tuesday- business as usual, no meetings scheduled

Wednesday- business as usual, no meetings scheduled

April 7- April 9

Monday- exit interview with Missouri State Auditor’s Office

Tuesday- 10 a.m. bid opening for Road and Bridge Grader Blades; 11 a.m. Shannon Howe with Benton and Associates

Wednesday- 1:30 p.m. Ron Bullock, US1 Midwest Insurance

April 14-16

Monday- 9 a.m. Jeremy Crawford and Josh Carvitto, Fire districts

Tuesday- No appointments

Wednesday- No appointments

April 21-23

Monday- no appointments

Tuesday- no appointments

Wednesday- “Court Money” card presentation for Sheriff’s department

April 28-30

Monday- MoDot @ 10 a.m.

Tuesday- business as usual

Wednesday- business as usual


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