August 2013

August 5-7

Monday August 5- 9 a.m. Rick Armstrong Kirksville Heights Apts; 10 a.m. Tax Levy Hearing

Tuesday August 6- Business as usual

Wednesday August 7- MoDot @ 10 a.m.


August 12-14

Monday- 10 a.m. Benton and Associates

Tuesday- Nothing officially

Wednesday- 1 p.m. Final inspection at Normandy Way Bridge with MoDot and Benton and Associates

August 19-21

Monday August 19th– 9:30 a.m. Rhonda Noe;     2 p.m. Shannon Howe/Benton and Assoc. to review bridge crew criteria for MoDot

Tuesday August 20th– Inspection at Campbell Cemetery Trail Bridge with MoDot and Shannon Howe/Benton and Assoc

Wednesday August 21st– Nothing

August 26-28

Monday- 9 a.m. Final inspection with PSR and Architechnics, in regard to Courthouse attic repairs; 10 a.m., Back Tax Sale Courthouse Steps; 11 a.m. Bid Opening for Adair County Sheriff’s Department Food Service Contract

Tuesday- 10:30 a.m. Adair County Elected Officials monthly meeting; 1 p.m. Check Adair County Road conditions

Wednesday- 10 a.m. Bid review for Adair Co. Sheriff’s Dept Food Service Contract; 11 a.m. Bid opening for BRO# 48 bridges on Banner Lane, Benton Road, Foxtrot Lane, and Oklahoma Trail




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