August 2020

August 3-5

Monday August 3
9:00am- McClure Engineering
10:00am- Howe & Company, BRO 52 Bid Opening
11:00am- Ameren Project Close Out

Tuesday August 4
9:00am- Jeff Bamberet and Jason Sivits, Great River Engineering Re: Request for quotes on Bridges

Wednesday August 5
1:00pm- Approve Adair County Fraud Risk and Code of Conduct Policy
1:30pm- Teleconference with Ameren & Terra Gen regarding black top roads

August 10-12

Monday August 10
9:30am- Review CARES Applications
11:00am- Bid award for Bridge 28400101 BRO-B001(52)
1:30pm- EEZ Advisory Board appointments

Tuesday August 11
Conducting County Business

Wednesday August 12
9:00am- EEZ Annual Advisory Board meeting at Economic Development Alliance building
1:00pm- Teleconference with MoDot concerning State lettered highways associated with the windfarm

August 17-19

Monday August 17
9:00am- Jim LeBaron, Adair County Health Department
11:00am- Teleconference with Ameren, Follow-up Transmission Line Project Close-out

Tuesday August 18
Conducting County Business

Wednesday August 19
Conducting County Business

August 24-26

Monday August 24
10:00am- Tax Levy Hearing for Adair County
1:30pm- Jon Cook – Regarding CARES Funding
2:00pm- Appoint EEZ Board Members

Tuesday August 25
9:00am- EEZ Advisory Board Meeting @ EDA
10:00am- Elected Officials Meeting
2:00pm- Review CARES Act Applications

Wednesday August 26
1:30pm- Review & Approve Engineering Firm for BNSF Bridges
1:40pm- Approve use of the Court House Parking Lot for 911 Ceremony

August 31-September 2

Monday August 31, 2020
9:30 – 11:30  Checking County Roads

Tuesday September 1, 2020
9:30 – 12:00 Tour Wind Farm in Adair County

Wednesday September 2, 2020
Conducting County Business



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