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August 2018

August 1 Monday August 1 Conducting County Business August 6-8 Monday August 6 11:00am- Brad Ray, Sprocket and Rhonda Noe, Public Administrator 1:30pm- Jim Reeves, Long Branch Way Tuesday August 7 Conducting County Business Wednesday August 8 Conducting County Business … Continue reading

July 2018

July 2-4 Monday July 2 10:00am- Second Reading of petition to vacate Lookout Trail 10:15am- Approval for use of Courthouse lawn by The Studio on July 6, 2018 Tuesday July 3 Conducting County Business Wednesday July 4 Closed in Observance … Continue reading

June 2018

June 4-6 Monday June 4 10:00am- Review Petition for Establishment of Stop Intersection @ Banner Lane and Twin Oaks Tuesday June 5 10:00am- Renew Agreement for Emergency Services with the City Of Kirksville 10:30am- Discussion regarding Emergency Management Director Status … Continue reading

May 2018

May 1-2 Tuesday May 1 1:00pm- Conference Call with Brian Bohus Regarding Spyglass Findings Wednesday May 2 10:30am- Missouri State Auditors’ Entrance Meeting with Elected Officials May 7-9 Monday May 7 9:00am- Discuss Fairy Godmother’s Use of the Courthouse Lawn … Continue reading

April 2018

April 2-4 Monday April 2 9:00am- Jon Dwiggins, Howe and Company 10:00am- First Reading of an Application to Close a County Road 11:00am- Closed Session per Missouri Statute 610.021(1) 1:30pm- Amy Crawford, MoDOT Tuesday April 3  Conducting County Business 3:30pm- Approve Greentop Settlement … Continue reading

March 2018

March 5-7 Monday March 5 Conducting County Business Tuesday March 6 Conducting County Business Wednesday March 7 Conducting County Business March 12-14 Monday March 12 Conducting County Business Tuesday March 13 Conducting County Business 2:00pm-Amend Appointment of Adair County Health Director Wednesday … Continue reading

February 2018

February 5-7 Monday February 5 1:45pm-Approval for use of Courthouse Lawn for Red Barn Arts & Crafts Fair 2:00pm-Matthew Muir, Coalition Against Bigger Trucks Tuesday February 6  Conducting County Business Wednesday February 7 Not in Session- Commissioners attending County Commissioner … Continue reading

January 2018

January 1-3 Monday January 1 Adair County Courthouse Closed in Observance of New Year’s Day Tuesday January 2 Conducting County Business Wednesday January 3 Conducting County Business 1:30pm-Discuss and approve Road Maintenance Policy for Calendar Year 2018 January 8-10 Monday … Continue reading

December 2017

December 4-6 Monday December 4 9:00am-Approve 2018 Adair County Salary Plan Review budget proposals for the remainder of the day Tuesday December 5 Review budget proposals Wednesday December 6 Review budget proposals December 11-13 Monday December 11 Conducting County Business … Continue reading

November 2017

November 1 Wednesday November 1 Conducting County Business November 6-8 Monday November 6 Conduction County Business Tuesday November 7 9:00am-12:15pm Government Day at the Courthouse Wednesday November 8 9:00am-Salary Commission Meeting November 13-15 Monday November 13 9:00am-Judge Swaim and Linda … Continue reading