Commissioners Attend CCAM Training

The County Commissioners Association of Missouri (CCAM) along with the Missouri Commissioners Association, conduct training throughout the year in a variety of aspects and at different locations.  Stan Pickens-Presiding Commissioner, Bill King-1st District Commissioner, and Mark Thompson-2nd District Commissioner attended this year’s annual CCAM meeting was held February 7-9, 2018 in Columbia, Missouri.

The annual CCAM meeting gives commissioners the opportunity to meet with all 330 commissioners who are solely responsible for the purchase of supplies, equipment, and services for Missouri’s counties.  The meeting also provides an opportunity for its members to become better informed about the powers and duties of their offices as described by state statutes, and to investigate legislation relating to the office and responsibilities of the county commissioner

The County Commissioners Association of Missouri was established in 1983 to create a close and cooperative relationship among the commissioners of the state of Missouri. Under statutory law, the chief portion of the association’s continuing education responsibility centers on this mandatory training for the presiding and two associate commissioners in all counties (except for St. Louis, St. Charles, Jefferson, and Jackson counties).


All three Adair County Commissioners attended the County Commissioners Association of Missouri (CCAM)training in Columbia Missouri February 7-9.

Pictured right is Mark Thompson, 2nd District Commissioner, showing off his CCAM tote bag.


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