July 2019

July 1-3

Monday July 1
10:00am- Final Hearing to close Deerwood Trail

Tuesday July 2
Conducting County Business

Wednesday July 3
Conducting County Business

July 8-10

Monday July 8
9:00am- Closed Session per 610.021 (13)
10:30am- Appointment to Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC)
1:30pm- Teleconference with Huber & Associates
2:30pm- Appointment to Adair County Library Board

Tuesday July 9
Conducting County Business

Wednesday July 10
Conducting County Business
9:00am- Aaron Lukefahr, Howe & Co., update on project BRO 50
9:30am- Teleconference with Huber & Associates
10:30am- Approval of use of the Courthouse lawn for Community Roots Festival- August 24
11:00am- Discuss possible participation in Opioid Litigation

July 15-17

Monday July 15
8:00am- Opening Ceremony for the NEMO Fair
9:00am- Denise Derks, CDBG Adair County 911 Project Meeting
10:30am- Open 2019 Board of Equalization
2:00pm- Angela Shultz
2:30pm- Sign Opioid Agreement

Tuesday July 16
Not in Session

Wednesday July 17
9:30am- Pat Williams, Juvenile Justice Center

July 22-24

Monday July 22
10:00am- Board of Equalization Hearings for Aldi Inc. and Marx Property
1:30pm- Letter of Support for Jeff Johnson & Mike Sellenschuetter

Tuesday July 23
10:00am- Adair County Elected Officials Meeting
Not in Session

Wednesday July 24
Not in Session

July 29-31

Monday July 29
9:00am- Jim LeBaron & Ron Stewart, Adair County Health Department
2:00pm- Closed Board of Equalization

Tuesday July 30
10:00am- Pat Williams, Court Services Administrator Second Judicial Circuit
1:15pm- Joni Perry, Grow Counseling approve use of the Courthouse lawn
1:30pm- Brad Ray, Sprocket Technology

Wednesday July 31
9:00am- Aaron Lukefahr, Howe Co., Update on BRO(50)& Supplement Agreement BRO (52)
10:00am- Bid Opening Adair County Sheriff’s Office
10:15am- Six month Sheriff’s Office Budget Review
1:30pm- Closed Session per 610.021(13)



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