July 2020

July 1

Wednesday July 1
9:30am- Second Reading of Petition to close Cedar Hills Trail
1:15pm- FEMA Follow-Up Meeting for Disaster 4451DR

July 6-8

Monday July 6
1:30pm- FEMA Follow – up Meeting (Edward Hubert)

Tuesday July 7
9:30am- Meet at Troy Mills to discuss cable placement with NEMR Telecom (Dave Riddle)
10:00am- David Stimson, sPower Solar Project (Zoom meeting)
1:30pm- Pre-construction Meeting for Archer Lane BRO 51

Wednesday July 8
Conducting County Business

July 13-15

Monday July 13
9:30am- David Stimson, sPower Solar Project (Zoom meeting)
1:30pm- Paula Gough and Amy Crawford, Mo Dot (Zoom meeting)

Tuesday July 14
2:30pm- Review and approve Cares Act requests

Wednesday July 15
10:00am-  Meeting with Rob Lewis concerning Titan Railroad Bridge
2:00pm- Meeting with John Dungan of Red Cross

July 20-24

Monday July 20
9:00am- Open Board of Equalization

Tuesday July 21
1:00pm- Ellie Blankenship Control Technology and Solutions
2:30pm- Review CARES Applications

Wednesday July 22
Conducting County Business

Friday July 24
2:30pm- At the Bank of Kirksville, receive warranty deed for Juvenile Justice Building

July 27-29

Monday July 27
Conducting County Business

Tuesday July 28
10:00am- Elected Official’s Meeting
1:30pm- Review CARES Act Applications

Wednesday July 29
11:00am- Close Board of Equalization
1:00pm- Teleconference with Congressman Sam Graves



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