June 2020

June 1-3

Monday June 1
9:00am- Regional Planning Commission, Derek Weber regarding CARES Grant (web-x meeting)
10:30am- Pro-Tech Co
2:30pm- Closed session per MO. Statute 610.021(1)

Tuesday June 2
3:00pm- Zoom Meeting with Court System

Wednesday June 3
Conducting County Business

June 8-10

Monday June 8
Conducting County Business

Tuesday June 9
1:00pm- Adair County Health Department Zoom Meeting

Wednesday June 10
10:00am- Krista Baker, Renewal of Contract with Adair County Humane Shelter

June 15-17

Monday June 15
Conducting County Business

Tuesday June 16
9:30am- Stephanie McGrew, Small Business Owner
10:30am- Vote on Northeast Regional Planning administering CARES Act Funding
1:30pm- Approval for use of Parking Lot by Take Root Café for Saturday, July 4, 2020

Wednesday June 17
9:00am- Stephanie Mills, Small Business Owner regarding the CARES Act

June 22-24

Monday June 22
9:00am- State of District Zoom Meeting

Tuesday June 23
9:30am- Closed session per 610.021 (3)
10:00am- Mike Darren, Group Benefits Services (GBS)
11:00am- to 3:00 p.m. Closed session per 610.021 (3)

Wednesday June 24
9:30am- Appoint Senate Bill 40 Board Members
9:45am- Exercise Option to Purchase Project from BK Development, Inc. regarding lease dated 6-21-2000
1:30pm- Closed Session under 610.021(3)

June 29-30

Monday June 29
Conducting County Business

Tuesday June 30
10:00am- Elected Officials Meeting in 3rd Floor Courtroom
2:00pm- Zoom Meeting for Soy Diesel Information
2:30pm- Approve Resolutions for Adair County E911 Joint Services Board Grant Application
2:45pm- Appoint Adair County Library Board Member



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