March 2014

March 3-5

Monday- 9 a.m. Angelo Logan, State Historic Preservation Office

Tuesday- Checking County Roads

Wednesday- 10 a.m. Melody Whitacre, NE Regional Planning Office


March 10-12

Monday- Business as usual

Tuesday- 1:30 p.m. Rob Bullock, US1 Insurance

Wednesday- 10 a.m. SB40


March 17-19

Monday- 11 a.m. Adopt  2014 County Road Maintenance; 1:30 p.m. Meeting with Swaim and Sheriff Hardwick

Tuesday- Conducting business as usual

Wednesday-10 a.m. Bid opening for Adair County Road and Bridge Department


March 24-28

Monday- 10 a.m. – Collector’s Report, David Erwin

Tuesday- 10:30- Elected Officials Meeting

Wednesday- 10 a.m. bid opening  for Sheriff’s Department

Thursday and Friday- closed session under 610.021 (1) litigation consulting with attorney in St. Louis


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