May 2017

May 1-3

Monday May 1- 8:30 a.m. Mental Health Awareness Month event on the Courthouse Lawn

Tuesday May 2- 1 p.m. closed session telephone conference with Thomas E. Loraine LLC under 610.021 litigation

Wednesday May 3- nothing on agenda

May 8-10

Monday- Courthouse closed for Truman Day

Tuesday- 10 a.m. Kraft Heinz Plant Ribbon Cutting

Wednesday- Commissioner Thompson attending CCAM in Jefferson City

May 15-17

Monday- Commissioner King attending tabletop Emergency Management Meeting in Milan, MO;  9 a.m. Thomas Lorain, Loraine and Assoc. LLC closed under 610.021 litigation

Tuesday- 9 a.m. David Floyd Putnam Co. PWD #1

Wednesday- 1:30 LEPC budget presentation by Kirksville Fire Chief Jim Hughes and deputy fire chief John Cook; 2:30 Beth Platz, grant opportunity for outdoor tables

May 22-24

Monday- 1:30 LEPC budget presentation by Jim Hughes and John Cook

Tuesday- 10 a.m. Nancy Pennington, Director SB40; 10:30 elected officials meeting; 2 p.m. Mari Macomber regarding P.A.C.E. County roads and Hazel Creek Lake

Wednesday- 11:30 a.m. Community Meeting @ATSU for planning public health emergencies

May 29-31

Monday- Closed for Memorial Day

Tuesday-  9 a.m. 2nd district commissioner Thompson will be attending depositions for pending litigation

Wednesday- nothing scheduled




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