Adair County Commissioners Check Presentation

November 29, 2017

Kirksville, Missouri, November 29, 2017 – Adair County Commissioner’s presented a check, on behalf of Adair County, to representatives of Adair County’s Soil and Water Conservation District. The $1,000 check presented to the Adair County Soil and Water Conservation District will be used, by the District, to promote the cost-share and loan- interest share programs in Adair County.

The mutual partnership, supported by the Commissioners, ensures that Adair County citizens have ample opportunity to participate in soil conservation measures and allows the Soil and Water Conservation District to promote and encourage Adair County farmers to use soil conservation measures.

Participants in the check presentation included:
Front Row (left to right) Jennifer Schutter (SWCD), Grant Phillips (NRCS), and Mark Krueger (NRCS)

Back Row (left to right) Mark Thompson (2nd District Commissioner), Stanley Pickens (Presiding Commissioner), Nicole Roberts (SWCD), and Bill King (1st District Commissioner)