The Sheriff’s Office maintains its list in electronic “public viewable” form through the use of the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s Sex Offender Registry website.

The Sheriff’s Office is supplying this information in compliance with the Missouri Revised Statutes. By viewing or printing State Sex Offender Registry information you assume all liability for any claims of harm, which may arise from your actions or incidents, resulting from the dissemination of this information. The addresses provided are the addresses given at the time of registration. Anyone who uses this information to commit a criminal act against another person is subject to criminal prosecution.

The registered offenders are required to report to the Adair County Sheriff’s Office in person to update their registration information based upon what Tier Level the offender has been assigned.

  • Tier Level 1
    • Annually in the month of the offender’s birth.
  • Tier Level 2
    • Semiannually in the month of the offender’s birth and six months thereafter.
  • Tier Level 3
    • Every ninety days.

Although every effort is made to keep the Adair County list current and accurate, to include unannounced random verification sweeps to confirm addresses and other information given by offenders is correct, the Sheriff’s Office cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. If you believe any ADAIR COUNTY information listed on the State Sex Offender Registry website is inaccurate, please contact the Adair County Sheriff’s Office at (660) 665-4644.

Missouri State Statutes lists statutes that can be accessed for review. This list is not all inclusive.

  • 589.400 RSMo: Registration of certain offenders with chief law officers of county of residence — time limitation — registration requirements — fees — automatic removal from registry — petitions for exemption — procedure, notice, denial of petition — nonresident workers, higher education students and workers.
  • 589.414 RSMo: Registrant’s duties on change of information — change in online identifiers, duty to report.
  • 566.147 RSMo: Certain offenders not to reside within one thousand feet of a property line of a school, child care facility, or victim’s residence.
  • 589.426 RSMo: Halloween, restrictions on conduct — violations, penalty.
    • Per Missouri Supreme Court ruling 90164, the restrictions of this law only apply if the offender’s conviction/plea is on or after 08/28/2008.
  • 566.148 RSMo: Certain offenders not to physically be present or loiter within five hundred feet of a child care facility — violation, penalty.
  • 566.149 RSMo: Certain offenders not to be present within five hundred feet of school property, exception — permission required for parents or guardians who are offenders, procedure — penalty.
  • 566.150 RSMo: Certain offenders not to be present or loiter within five hundred feet of a public park, swimming pool, or museum — violation, penalty.
  • 566.155 RSMo: Certain offenders not to serve as athletic coaches, managers, or trainers — violation, penalty.