Detention Center Detainee Visitation Privilege

Visitations may be canceled or cut short by any staff member when deemed necessary for the safety and security of the facility, detainees, visitors and staff or for violation of the rules and regulations.

The Sheriff's Office does not grant contact visits other than those with attorneys or other officials.

All detainees of the facility are allowed two, 30-minute visits a week. Visitation days and times are determined by what area and room of the facility they are assigned. To learn a detainee's visitation day/time, please contact the Adair County Sheriff's Office at (660) 665-4644 extension #1.

If you are traveling a long distance to visit a detainee (at least an hour drive one way) special arrangements can be made through the Corrections Branch Director.

Persons wishing to visit a detainee of the Detention Center must meet the below requirements.

  • The visitor must sign in with correctional personnel at the control room window which is located at the far end of the lobby. The lobby is entered via the Franklin Street side of the building.
  • The visitor must show photo identification.
  • The visitor can not have been incarcerated in the Detention Center in the previous sixty (60) days prior to the visitation.
    • An exception shall be made if the visitor was held in the Detention Center on only a twelve (12) hour self-protection hold or a twenty-four (24) hour hold that did not result in criminal charges being filed.
  • No visitors will be allowed to visit if they are a victim, co-conspirator or witness in a detainee's case, or any other ongoing case, or are prohibited to have contact with the detainee by court order.
  • Any person wishing to visit a detainee in this facility is subject to search. Any person refusing to be searched will be asked to leave the facility.
  • Usage of cell phones in visitation rooms is prohibited. Recording or photography of the visitation areas will result in being banned from future visits.

Children are allowed to participate in visitation. Children are required to be supervised by an adult during the duration of the visit. However, if they become unruly, disruptive, are defacing or damaging county property the visitation will be canceled and they will no longer be allowed to visit.

All visitors are required to adhere to a dress code. Any person in violation of the dress code will be allowed to visit. Dress code violations include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Tube tops
  • Swimming attire
  • Clothing which is above mid-thigh to include cut-offs, shorts, dresses and skirts
  • See-through clothing
  • Clothing which expose or make visible breasts or not wearing a shirt
  • Clothes which expose the midriff area
  • Bare feet

If a visitor is suspected of being intoxicated they will be asked to submit to a portable breath test to sample their breath to gauge their blood alcohol content. If they refuse to submit to this test they will be asked to leave the facility.