In the table below is listed the most common type of civil process papers that are served by the Sheriff's Office and the service fees related to each type.

Type of Service Paper Service Fee
Any Civil Subpoena$20 each
All Other Civil Court Documents$30 each
Criminal Summons or Subpoenas$0
Notice of Hearing - Full Order of Protection$0
Full Order of Protection$0
Ex Parte'$0

Payment Information

Please send only the service fee when mailing civil process papers along with an email address for electronic invoicing. If there is more than one service paper per address, there will be a charge for each separate service paper.

After service, we will invoice the originating office for the mileage fee, preferably by email.

If a payment that accompanies a service paper is an amount greater than the above listed service fees, the payment will be immediately returned to the requester.

The Sheriff's Office charges mileage fees in accordance with the current year IRS Standard Mileage Rates and are in accordance with House Bill No. 2224. Mileage will be charged per attempt, not per paper.

The Sheriff's Office will only accept cashiers' checks, money orders or business/personal checks as payment. Cash will not be accepted.

Questions and inquiries should be directed to the Civil Process section at (660) 665-4644 or (660) 665-4600.