Adair County Recorder of Deeds

Tracy Hunter has worked in the Recorder’s Office since 2017. She was Chief Deputy Recorder for six years and was elected to serve as Adair County Recorder in 2022.The Recorder of Deeds is responsible for recording different types of documents for public record as well as the issuance of marriage licenses. The Recorder of Deeds office is governed by the State Statutes of Missouri. We record, maintain and preserve the real estate records for Adair County.Documents to be recorded must be in compliance with State Statutes.

Some of the Documents in our office include

  • Real Estate Deeds
  • Subdivision Plats
  • Surveys
  • Releases
  • Easements
  • Tax Liens
  • Military Discharges
  • UCC’S (Real Estate Only)
  • Marriage Licenses

What has to be on the front page of a document? Please click here to find out.

Property Fraud Alert Services

According to the FBI, Property and Mortgage Fraud is a fast growing white-collar crime. To address these concerns, the Adair County Recorder’s Office has provided access to a notification service to help prevent land fraud and other similar fraudulent activities.

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Search Land Records Frequently Asked Real Estate Questions How do I change my name, add someone to my deed, or remove someone from my deed?

We cannot change a recorded document as it is permanent record. If you want to make changes to the title, a new document would need to be prepared and recorded at current recording fee rate. We do not have any blank forms nor can we prepare a document for you. You may either prepare it for yourself or contact an attorney or title company to prepare it on your behalf. If you choose to prepare it yourself you will need a standardized form (Quit Claim Deed or Warranty deed, etc.) that meets Missouri formatting requirements. There is no longer a place to purchase the standard forms locally. You may be able to find Missouri standardized forms on the internet, or at an office supply retailer.

Are there any liens on my property?

It is against state statutes for us to perform searches of the records and make determinations regarding the same. There are two computer search stations for public use. You can search by computer for real estate only from April, 1985 to present. Anything prior to that date is in the old index books. You may also contact a title company to do the research for you.

How do I get a copy of my deed and/or legal description?

Our records are indexed alphabetically by name, not geographically located. We have nothing referenced by address or location. You are welcome to search the records for the information you need, or make a stop at the Adair County Assessor’s Office. They have the information formatted by address. They should also have the book and page of the deed referenced and that will enable us to expedite your copy request.

I’ve paid off my house, when do I get my title?

A house is not like an automobile in that when you pay it off you get the title. You should receive the title to your house shortly after you purchase it. It will be a deed from the seller conveying the property to you.

What are your recording fees?

Our recording fees are based upon page count; currently the fees are $24 for the first page and $3 for each additional page per document for 8½ x 11 size paper. Anything larger will have a different amount. It is best to call the office for the recording fees if you have anything other than the regular size deed.

Do I need to record this document?

We do not determine what documents need to be recorded. We are here to make sure that the documents presented to us for recordation meet all the state requirements, and then once recorded are maintained permanently.

Do you accept debit or credit cards?

No, we only accept cash or check. Please note that we don’t have a lot of cash on hand therefore, smaller bills are appreciated.

Can you fax me a copy?

Unfortunately, no. We do have to charge for our copies; therefore we must receive payment before we can turn the copy over to you.

Can you tell me how much a house sold for?

In most cases, no. Sales prices are not listed on deeds unless it would be a foreclosure situation or something through the courts. A Deed of Trust will tell you how much they borrowed on the property, but not the sales price.

Can you tell me when my house was built?

Our records do not pertain to the structure on the property, but to the land itself. You may research our records to see if there were any deeds involving a builder or perhaps if there is a big difference in a loan amount from the time the property was purchased and another loan was made in a relatively short amount of time with no change in legal description.

Do you know what houses are being foreclosed or sold on the courthouse steps?

No office in Adair County tracks foreclosures or has a list of any kind. For information regarding foreclosures please check the newspaper then contact the trustee listed in the notice.