Adair County Treasurer

The role of the Adair County Treasurer, as an elected official, is to serve the citizens of Adair County by performing all duties as set forth by Missouri Statutes, mainly, but not limited to Chapter 54 RSMo. The Treasurer is the custodian of all county monies. The primary task of the Treasurer is appropriate funding for all county revenues and expenditures. The Treasurer fulfills administrative and executive duties for the County and exercise oversight and caretaker roles in regards to County funds. The County Treasurer strives at all times to maintain good relationships with all citizens of the county, fellow officer holders, employees, and state legislators to assist in any way feasible to enhance county services to its citizens. The County Treasurer shall keep all records as deemed necessary to comply with State audits and independent county audits which occur every two years.

The Adair County Treasurer is the custodian of the school tax funding as turned over by the County Collector. The Treasurer disburses school tax funding to appropriate school districts within the county.

The Treasurer also disburses funds, as turned over by the County Collector, to the Adair County Library District, Adair County Health Department, SB 40, and the LaPlata Fire District.

General Duties/Services Provided

  • Custodian of E-911 surcharges as passed by ballot issue and disburses said monies to the E-911 Joint Commission.
  • Reports and disburses Unclaimed Fees to the State Unclaimed Property Section/State Treasurery on an annual basis.
  • Reports and disburses all fines, escheats, penalties and interest to the school districts of the county along with sending bond forfeitures to the State School Revolving Fund.
  • Reports and disburses all financial institution taxes and interest to the school districts of the county and organized districts such as the Library District, Adair County Health Department,  SB 40, and LaPlata Fire District.
  • Keeps a daily balance sheet of all funds recording receipts and disbursements and provides a semi annual settlement report to the County Commission to show the financial condition of each fund.
  • Obtains adequate surety bond coverage for the Treasurer’s Office.
  • Collateralizations of County monies.
  • Prepares or assists in the preparation and processes for the bid of the County banking depository, and enters into an agreement with the banking institution.
  • Develops a County Investment Policy and properly adheres to the guidelines of the policy.
  • Calculates/allocates interest to county funds.
  • Monitors, balances, and reconciles all activity in the County bank accounts and makes daily deposits/disbursement as needed.
  • Prepares and presents financial reports/settlement reports.
  • Works in conjunction with the County Clerk’s office to see that all federal withholding taxes are paid to the Internal Revenue Service, issue payroll checks/direct deposits, issue accounts payable checks.
  • Maintains and reports County Employment Retirement Funds to the State.
  • Maintains and reports fees to the Missouri Deputy Sheriff Salary Supplementation Fund.
  • Receipts all road rock purchases from citizens to be spread on eligible Adair County Roads.
  • Orders/maintains office supplies and equipment for the day to day operations of the Adair County Treasurer’s Office.
  • Prepares/submits an annual office budget to the Adair County Clerk’s office and adheres to the annual budget.