June 2018

June 4-6

Monday June 4
10:00am- Review Petition for Establishment of Stop Intersection @ Banner Lane and Twin Oaks

Tuesday June 5
10:00am- Renew Agreement for Emergency Services with the City Of Kirksville
10:30am- Discussion regarding Emergency Management Director Status with the City of Kirksville

Wednesday June 6
Conducting County Business
10:00am- Amend Ordinance 2017-2 for Stop Intersections

June 11-13

Monday June 11
10:15am- Renew Appointments of Senate Bill 40 Board
10:30am- Approve Kiwanis continued use of parking lot as of July 5, 2018
10:45am- Monthly update with Ameren regarding Mark Twain Transmission Line

Tuesday June 12
Conducting County Business

Wednesday June 13
10:00am- Approve to submit Bridge Grant Application

June 18-20

Monday June 18
10:10am- Appointment to Adair County Library Board

Tuesday June 19
11:00am- Kayla Wilbers, Huber & Associates

Wednesday June 20
Conducting County Business
2:00pm- Closed Meeting per MO State 610.021(17) with Missouri State Auditors

June 25-27

Monday June 25
Conducting County Business

Tuesday June 26
Not in Session- Commission attending State District 18 Local Government Day in Jefferson City

Wednesday June 27
10:00am- Fuel Bid Opening Adair County Sheriff’s Department



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