May 2018

May 1-2

Tuesday May 1
1:00pm- Conference Call with Brian Bohus Regarding Spyglass Findings

Wednesday May 2
10:30am- Missouri State Auditors’ Entrance Meeting with Elected Officials

May 7-9

Monday May 7
9:00am- Discuss Fairy Godmother’s Use of the Courthouse Lawn
9:15am- Amend Ordinance No. 2017-2 (Stop Sign Intersections)
1:30pm- Presentation of 2018-2019 Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) Budget

Tuesday May 8
Closed in Observance of Truman Day

Wednesday May 9
Conducting County Business

May 14-16

Monday May 14
10:45am- Ameren Transmission Line Update
3:00pm- Huber & Associates (Conference Call) Regarding Cyber Security

Tuesday May 15
Conducting County Business

Wednesday May 16
10:30am- Vote on the use of north parking lot and west lawn of the Adair County Courthouse by Take Root Café for Children’s Festival
1:30pm- Bill Bray, Internet Contract Renewal

May 21-23

Monday May 21
8:30am- Closed Session per 610.021(3)

Tuesday May 22
10:30am- Elected Official Meeting

Wednesday 23
1:30pm- Bob Bergstrom with Terra Gen Wind Project

May 28-30

Monday May 28
Closed in Observance of Memorial Day

Tuesday May 29
9:30am- Rhonda Noe, Public Administrator regarding Annex Building
1:15pm- Approve Pro-Tech Copier Service Agreement
1:30pm- Conference Call with Spy Glass

Wednesday May 30
9:30am- Approval to apply for DNR Scrap Tire Grant Funding  Cancelled
2:45pm- Approve AT&T Internet/PRI/LD



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